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A game for GameShell Q3 Jam. Using Love2d 11.2 engine.

You are a rectangle.

Suddenly, you get a power--SHIFT!

You can shuttle back and forth between the TWO DIMENSIONS

There's also GRAVITY here, but you can't jump or Hadoken or something. 

You are a plane figure, so you have to move your ENDPOINT to explore this world.

And you can do something UNUSUAL......?

Play more than 16 interesting puzzles, exploring the mysteries of dimensions!


GameShell / DEOTWindows
Get Control TipsXU
Msuic On/OffSelectEnter
Reset LevelStart
Go MainMenuB( hold )K( hold )

Team Members

  • Design - Yaolaotou
  • Level - Yaolaotou, Noto
  • Program | Art  | Music - Noto
  • Translate & Thanks❤ - Hannibal

Work Notes

 English: Work Notes Of The Two Dimensions

Chinese: BOOOM!参赛作品《双重维度》创作笔记

Release Note

0.1.4 - 2019.12.8

  • Fix sfx missing. Fix electricity noise.
  • New bgm (less annoying).
  • Add Japanese support(thanks Hannibal).
  • Cancel story-telling.

0.1.3 - 2019.10.7

  • For GameShow in Hangzhou.
  • New level and Ending. Add a little bit story-telling.

0.1.2 - 2019.9.23

  • Gamepad support(PC).
  • Add goMainMenu  button. Add control tips.

0.1.1 - 2019.9.20

  • Add English support
  • Reduce size

0.1 - 2019.9.15

  • Jam version. We did it!


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Two Dimensions 0.1.4 - Windows 12 MB
Two Dimensions 0.1.4 - macOS 14 MB
Two Dimensions 0.1.4 - Gameshell 8 MB
Two Dimensions 0.1 - Windows 44 MB
Two Dimensions 0.1 - macOS 48 MB
Two Dimensions 0.1 - GameShell 41 MB
Baidu CloudDisk (China) - 提取码erwg

Development log


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good concept!

Thank you! Nice video!

The figure plane behavior is sometimes confusing and you can "cheat" on some levels. But the concept is great and the atmosphere is extremely absorbing. The game has defo a lot of charm.